The Digital Paparazzi
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No Pictures! - to see these pictures go to 'samples'
The Digital Paparazzi

Making guests feel special as they arrive - flashing,
shouting, and putting smiles on faces. Armed with
genuine 1950s press cameras, and actually taking
digital pictures which are uploaded to a specially
designed website within a few hours.
All guests are given a card with the details of the
specific address where they can access all the
pictures from their event, online for one year.
 Established in 1999 by Robert
 Sim & Ian Adcock - also known
 as 'What A Palaver' - comedy
 cabaret and street performers.

 We are entertainers who dress
 up, fool around, have fun, and
 also take pretty good pictures.

 Not ordinary photographers, and
 not extraordinary - just good fun.
No Pictures! - to see these pictures go to 'samples'

We take fun pictures of people and put them online at a special website for each event. The pictures on the side of each page of this site are for illustrational purposes only, and are used to avoid having to seek permission from the unidentifiable subjects. Obviously, a typical website shows lots of happy smiley faces.

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