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No Pictures! - to see these pictures go to 'samples'
How much does it cost?
The pictures are free to look at and free to download. The organisers of the event pay a fee determined by the location and number of guests. For a quote, go to contact.
When are the pictures online?
Usually within a few hours, and they stay online for 1 year - unless requested otherwise.
Can people get the high resolution version of their picture?
Yes, if they let us know the event and picture number we'll email it to them for free.
Can anybody see the pictures from my party?
Only the people who know the full address. Each event has its own specific address and normally we give every guest a card with the details on it - though we don't have to, if you want to tell everyone the address yourself.
Why can't I find the pictures from my event?
The full address on the card must be typed into the address bar of your browser, NOT into a search engine, exactly as it is printed on the card. If you still have a problem, and the event was less than 1 year ago, please get in touch at contact.
Do you have to wear those macs?
No, we are entertainers with an extensive wardrobe and can dress to suit any theme. However, we prefer the macs because they make us stand out and it is a fun visual image.
Do you do weddings?
Yes, but preferably only as a fun addition to the 'official' photographer.
Do you do prints?
No, but we can post a DVD of all pictures to the event organiser within a few days, from which prints can easily be obtained. This is included in the fee.
No Pictures! - to see these pictures go to 'samples'

We take fun pictures of people and put them online at a special website for each event. The pictures on the side of each page of this site are for illustrational purposes only, and are used to avoid having to seek permission from the unidentifiable subjects. Obviously, a typical website shows lots of happy smiley faces.

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