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No Pictures!

We have compiled a selection of six sample pages from previous events, to illustrate how each website is designed specifically for each event.

Click on one of the thumbnails on the right to view them full screen, and use the arrows either side of the picture to view the rest.

Also, we have compiled all those 'blocking' pictures on this site so you can see how a whole site works, by clicking on the pictures on either side of this page or just click here
sample page 1 sample page 2
sample page 3 sample page 4
sample page 5 sample page 6
No Pictures!

We take fun pictures of people and put them online at a special website for each event. The pictures on the side of each page of this site are for illustrational purposes only, and are used to avoid having to seek permission from the unidentifiable subjects. Obviously, a typical website shows lots of happy smiley faces.

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