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No Pictures! - to see these pictures go to 'samples'

statistics    ... as of October 2019 ...

1687    events covered in 20 years, 1999 - 2019
780,000    approximate number of pictures put online
1,900,000    approximate number of smiles put online
108,578,884    number of different visitors to all the websites
173    number of countries of visitors
35    total amount of data transferred, in terabytes
6,120    number of requests for hi-res versions of pics
71    number of requests for removal of pics
500    approximate number of 'actual celebrities' pictured
250    pounds offered by tabloids for celeb pics (refused)
54    cameras used & worn out since 1999
17    computers/laptops used & worn out since 1999
No Pictures! - to see these pictures go to 'samples'

We take fun pictures of people and put them online at a special website for each event. The pictures on the side of each page of this site are for illustrational purposes only, and are used to avoid having to seek permission from the unidentifiable subjects. Obviously, a typical website shows lots of happy smiley faces.

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