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No Pictures! - to see these pictures go to 'samples'
technical information

Each event has its own sub-directory with no external links to it,
and will remain online for one year unless directed otherwise.
Pictures are online within a few hours at,
although we can register a special domain name for an extra fee.
The sites are designed to be accessible by all browsers and
operating systems, hand-coded in HTML 4.0, with minimal
download times and no frames, pop-ups, cookies, banner ads,
java, shockwave or any other plug-ins required.
Each site is individually designed to reflect any corporate identity
and colour scheme, and we normally include company logos to
link to any relevant websites unless requested otherwise.
All images are copyright-free for non-commercial use.
The pictures that appear online are re-sized and compressed,
but if anyone wants the high-resolution original version of their
picture, we will email it to them free of charge, and we always
provide a DVD of all pictures a few days after the event.
Wholesale transfer to a company intranet is perfectly acceptable.

Please direct any technical queries to
No Pictures! - to see these pictures go to 'samples'

We take fun pictures of people and put them online at a special website for each event. The pictures on the side of each page of this site are for illustrational purposes only, and are used to avoid having to seek permission from the unidentifiable subjects. Obviously, a typical website shows lots of happy smiley faces.

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